Tallest Buildings in the world Burj Khalifa #15

from Great Pyramid Egypt 2551 BC to Burj Khalifa UAE 2010.

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Indonesia Morning Activity at a Tradition Market

terima kasih Susy

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Dubai Collection Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is a skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and is currently the tallest structure ever built, at 828 m (2,717 ft).

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Indonesia The World Largest Buddhis Stupa

Borobudur, A UNESCO World Heritage Site.

terima kasih Dita Farida

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India Hyderabad

چار مینار (المآذن الأربع)
Charminar (Four Towers) global icon of Hyderabad built in 1591 AD.

Youtube Video of Char Minar


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Taiwan Map

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Thank you Amanda Capps

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Greetings from Beautifull Washington

Thank you Stephanie

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Michal Baca, Polish manor-house, oil on canvas

Thank you Russel

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Aalborg, The Cimbrian Bull

tak Rita

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Cristiano Ronaldo

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