Do you want a postcard from Djibouti Africa?

I can send you from Republic of Djibouti Africa!
But i need in return a stamped written postcard sent from one of my wishlist countries! :D
You have this week to submit the request <<<. 
  •  I like UNESCO or any postcard sent from wishlist country.
  •  Postcard should be written and stamped with original country stamp.
  • write anything or wish me "a long good happy life!" in your language.
  • Send the postcard from the original country.

You have this week to submit the request.<<<

You don't live in one of my wishlist countries?
No problem! :D try to search for someone living in these countries willing to send me a stamped written postcard!

I'll send you after i get your postcard or after i get the postcard from your friend.
*I'll try to accept them all but sorry i don't promise, because i don't have a lot of free time!
Thank you :)
Djibouti is a country in the Horn of Africa. It is bordered by Eritrea in the north, Ethiopia in the west and south, and Somalia in the southeast.

Example of the postcard from Djibouti:

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