My first postcard from Iraq

جامع النبي يونس يقال ان النبي يونس مدفون قرب الجامع

The Mosque of the Prophet Yunus "Biblical Jonah", the son of Amittai, from the 8th century BC which is believed to be the burial place of him.

My first postcard from Iraq.
شكرا أخي بلال

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2 Response to "My first postcard from Iraq"

  1. Gerda Theunis says:
    5/06/2013 10:16:00 PM

    Fantastic postcard from a really "rare" country and with great stamps too!^_^

  2. asdfpostcrossing says:
    5/08/2013 03:45:00 PM

    i think you can get now one too ;)